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Buy Video Converter Software

There is one free converter that rises above the rest, by the name of Any Video Converter Free, that can convert videos from your laptop or desktop to whatever format you need, as well as allowing you to save videos from the most in-demand video hosting sites.

buy video converter software

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe (opens in new tab) is the best software for converting videos from one format to another, available right now. It isn't free but it's capable of handling virtually any format, and uses hardware acceleration to process files as quickly as possible. It can also handle videos from sites including YouTube as well as DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

Hands down the best free video converter right now, it handles online as well as offline files, meaning that if you like the look of some videos on YouTube, you can quickly and easily convert them into a format suitable for offline viewing on your mobile without worrying about your data allowance.

Freemake (opens in new tab) has built up something of a name for itself for producing powerful yet easy to use software, and making it available free of charge. Freemake Video Converter is no exception, continuing the company's enviable track record.

This is the best free video converter for you, if you value simplicity and seamlessness. And, you'll be pleased to know that the software's convenience doesn't come at the expense of features. While you can start the conversion process in a matter of seconds, you may wish to spend a little more time customizing the output.

HandBrake (opens in new tab) is a free video converter that's well known to Mac users, but less famous in the world of Windows. It is worth noting that this is still something of an experimental program and it hasn't even reached version 1.0 in its Windows incarnation, but that doesn't mean it should be overlooked.

To get true video freedom on your device it pays to have one of the best video converter software options. These allow you to convert one type of video file into another. From making that playable on a certain device to editing a clip into a project, there are lots of uses for this software.

This doesn't fill the same role as that of the best video editing software (opens in new tab) or best audio editing software (opens in new tab), but can be used in tandem with those packages to get the best results. But as a rule, video converter software is fairly simplistic in function, with conversion being its main feature. That's not to say there isn't a lot to be done with it. From saving a copy of a video to re-converting or syncing files, options are plentiful.

The program is great! and your support is amazing! I experienced a bug on the steam version on with I was not able to merge subtitles with the video, but I contacted the support and you guys sent me a licence key for the website version of the program! This versions works flawless!! this is one of the best video software that I've ever used! thanks for the great product and the amazing support! keep the great work!

Want to create engaging content for YouTube? Impress your audience with signature intros and transitions? Get more likes and followers? Then Movavi Video Editor is your perfect video-editing software for YouTube! It has awesome intro presets, tons of eye-catching effects and transitions, and an intuitive interface that lets you focus on creating instead of reading complex manuals.And if that's not enough, we also have a couple of effects packs designed specifically for aspiring YouTubers. Follow the links below: My Channel Pack for YouTube My Channel Pack for YouTube #2

Movavi have always sought to make the ability to access, edit and distribute media as easy as possible. Their powerful software with a friendly, easy-to-use interface gives anyone the chance to interact with audio and video on a professional level.

Movavi Video Converter is a simple, powerful tool that makes converting, handling and distributing your video content quick and easy. The software is available for both PC and Mac, and has been designed to be as efficient and user friendly as possible.

The video-editing program has a rather impressive set of tools for a wide variety of purposes in its arsenal [...] You get all the video editing essentials, plus [...] Beat Detection, Noise Removal, Quick Video Creation, which turn video-making into an easy process. No software in this price range can beat the offer with a better toolkit.

Given the fact that hundreds of paid and free video converters out there claim themselves to be powerful, fast, and easy-to-learn while giving no compromise to quality, choosing the best video converter software becomes one of the most frustrating roadblocks you may encounter.

Lucky you are here. We have carefully selected and assembled a list of the best video converter software you can get right now. Some are free video converters for users who already learned the ropes of coding & decoding to do very basic conversions. There're also many affordable and self-explained 4K/HD video converters capable of helping users of all levels convert videos at blazing fast speed with amazing picture quality.

VideoProc Converter is the best video converter software for Windows 11/10/8/7 and all recent versions of macOS computers. It can convert any of around 370+ media formats to your choices of 420+ output formats. Namely, you can use it to convert MKV to MP4, MOV to MP4/MPEG, YouTube to WAV, MP4 to MP3, MP4 to AVI/WMV, H264 to H265, MTS to MP4, and even DVDs to digital in just one click.

No worry about quality loss! This high quality video converter applies the next generation encoding tech and supports intelligently switching between All-I and IPB compression, allowing users to retain 99% of the original picture quality while shrinking 90% of the size. Even better, it comes with the Auto Copy feature, allowing you remux video formats without re-encoding or quality loss.

This fast and safe video converter didn't use above 2% CPU usage ? when we converted the iPhone HEVC 4K recordings to a 1080P H.264 MP4 file. After the conversion, the file size dropped to 10.6MB without any visible downgrading in video quality.

Customizing the encoding settings is also allowed. However, exporting the converted video with desired codecs, size, and quality in Avidemux is often an error and trial process for most users. The interface of this free video converter is too out of date and displays many unexplained setting options. Aside from being a free video file converter for PC, Mac, Linux, and BSD, Avidemux also serves as a basic video editor and allows you to cut, rotate, crop, denoise, stabilize video files, etc.

The converting speed of Avidemux is average. In our test, it took around 8 minutes for this free movie converter to convert a short piece of 720P MP4 MPEG4 video to MP4 H.264. Its biggest con is the high CPU and memory usage which makes it not possible to run other programs when converting video files.

Freemake Video Converter is the best video converter for Windows 10. It has a well-optimized interface that makes all necessary conversion features are visible to its users. With this free video converter for PC, you can copy DVD to MP4, turn videos from 40+ different codecs to another format to let it go compatible with iPod, iPad, Nokia, BlackBerry, Xbox, Sony, etc. And the whole process can be extremely easy to make with the ready-made device presets.

Though I rate it as one of top video converters, there are a few things with Freemake Video Converter that I don't like. Firstly, it doesn't support 4K UHD videos which are now everywhere. If you intend to convert a 4K video to another format via this Windows video converter, then you have to trade-off with big sacrifice in resolutions as the largest video it can export is 2160P x 2160P.

Adobe Media Encoder is a top-notch paid video converter. It's capable of converting almost all the existing video codecs, so there is no worry about codec things when applying this serious video converter to transcode or remux video files. Besides, it enables the dynamic link with Adobe series products. This brings much convenience for video editing experts who need to polish a large number of videos that come in different codecs.

People who have worked with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, or other tools from the big Adobe family should have no problem mastering Adobe Media Encoder. However, it's very possibly a long process with trial and error to learn all its bells and whistles for beginners. They have to dive headfirst into the obscure codec terminologies before successfully converting the first video clip. Adobe Media Encoder is not for an armature. It acquires large memory and CPU for the entire decoding and encoding process. Thus, if you don't have a well-built machine, this daunting video converter can leave your other processes paralyzed.

In the output-format setting tab of Adobe Media Encoder, you're going to see a great number of lossless formats options. This makes Adobe Media Encoder the best video converter software for people whose target is getting some lossless video files.

To avoid unfairly tying the hands of this heavy video converter, we tested over 20 times with different clips with different settings on target bitrate and codecs. However, we got a similar slow conversion process. Besides, on average, it set up the CPU usage to 95% and took a large memory space of about 2800MB.

The fact is the majority of the open source and commercial video converters in the market are taking FFmpeg behind the scenes. Therefore, we are very satisfied with what this incredible video converter can do in terms of conversion capabilities.

FFmpeg is the best free video converter software for advanced users or engineers who know a command-line environment. It doesn't come with the GUI. So you can't convert videos by simple clicks as what you're doing with VideoProc Converter or other video converters. 041b061a72


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