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Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson

Tuxera NTFS 2015 ##HOT##

I just installed High Sierra Developer Beta 8 on my 2015 Macbook Pro and I haven't been able to make Tuxera NTFS work with it. A few searches on Google seem to indicate that it does work with High Sierra, but all I get is an error when trying to mount my external HDD:

Tuxera NTFS 2015


which will also install the osxfuseport. osxfuse is an OSX port of the Linux File System InUserspaceinterface, used as an adapter between the operating system filesystem access interface and the ntfs-3g file system supportapplication. (See also the osxfuseWiki, and osxfuseFAQ.)

Since I do not have any Microsoft Windows systems, none of the firstfour options are of any use to me, and the last option of mounting itread-only defeats the purpose of using ntfs-3g :-) I also did notwant to force the mount, because I wanted a higher chance that thefiles would be readable on the Microsoft Windows side. Fortunatelythere is a solution to fix simple issues on NTFS systems includedwithin ntfs-3g:

without any problems. (I've since found that the ntfs-3g driverdefaults to attempting to recover the NTFS volume automatically onmount if it has not been unmounted cleanly and has only these minorissues; presumably using the same approach as ntfsfix. But ntfslabeldoes not do this, hence the need for a manual fix -- it's unfortunatethey did not mention ntfsfix in the error help text!)

It took some hunting, but I eventually found a hint for how tomount the file NTFS file system with the MacPortsntfs-3g,by running the ntfs-3g command directly (which is mentioned inthe ntfs-3g manpage, but you need to know to look at the ntfs-3gmanpage!):

The synchronous mount attribute is important: as the osxfuseNTFS-3G pagepoints out, there is no block cache for the direct access to/dev/disk4s1 that the ntfs-3g program is doing -- which meansthat all reads and writes go directly to the disk. (By contrastthe Tuxera NTFS forMac has a cachinglayer which is apparently much faster, and may well justify the costfor regular usage.) 041b061a72


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