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Eversoul: The Ultimate Visual RPG Experience - Download Now for Free

Eversoul's Champs Arena is available for players who have cleared Battlefront stages 5-1. It features a 15-Soul Grudge match, where only the strongest teams will fight each other. Up to five matches can be accessed daily for free, while anything above that will require Champs Arena Tickets. The challenge counter resets at 00:00 UTC daily.

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Eversoul Mod APK is the PRO version of Eversoul APK. By using the Eversoul Mod APK, you can easily complete any tasks and requirements in it. Often you need to spend a lot of time or money to get rewards easily, but by using Eversoul Mod APK, you often achieve your goals in a very short time. Eversoul Mod APK is a great way for you to outshine your competition. Now in apkmody you can download Eversoul APK v0.17.4 for free. This process doesn't cost anything, and you can use it with confidence.

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One of the best features for a new player is the ability to infinitely re-roll for your first set of free summons. Unfortunately, many other games will limit how many re-rolls you can acquire, or it involves erasing your data and starting over for 10-20 minutes, depending on the game. But Eversoul lets you re-roll until you've confirmed your result.

- Optional app permissions include saving picture/media/file for resource download, saving game installation file, and attaching gameplay screenshots for customer service and community use. Access to the application and service except for the functions related to the optional app permissions will still be allowed even without agreeing to the optional app permissions.

To make the most of the events, and try to recruit one of the game's most powerful characters, download Eversoul now from the App Store and Google Play. Also make sure you log in for as many days as you can before April 16th, as Eversoul is celebrating 100 days of launch time with 10 free summons per day.

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To the Archbishops and Bishops of Italy Venerable Brothers, We Give You Greetings and Our Apostolic Blessing. You know as We do, venerable brothers, the recent wrongdoing which has strengthened some wretched enemies of all truth, justice and honor, who strive both openly and deceitfully with plots of every sort to spread their disorders everywhere among the faithful people of Italy. These disorders include the unbridled license of thinking, speaking and hearing every impious matter. They spread these like the foaming waves of a savage sea, and they exert themselves not only to shake the Catholic religion in Italy itself, but if possible to utterly destroy it. The method of their diabolical design has been made very clear both elsewhere and particularly here in this fair city, the seat of Our pontificate, where upon Our forced withdrawal, they gave free rein to their rage, although only for a few months. Here, in their wicked recklessness, as they cast divine and human affairs into confusion, they finally grew enraged enough to interfere with the work of the respected clergy of the city, disregarding the authority of their superiors, who, on Our orders, were attending fearlessly to religious matters. Consequently, when some of their own number fell sick and struggled with death, they were deprived of all the helps of religion and compelled to breathe their last in the arms of a wanton prostitute. 2. Subsequently, the city of Rome and the other provinces of the Papal State were restored to Our civil authority by God's mercy and the arms of Catholic nations. The disturbance of wars ended in the other parts of Italy as well. Nonetheless, those wicked enemies of God and men still continue their lawless work, if not by open force, at least in other deceitful ways which are not always concealed. We find it formidable to be responsible for the supreme care of the whole of the Lord's flock in these difficult times, and We are greatly pained by the particular dangers which beset the churches of Italy. However, We are powerfully consoled in Our sufferings by your pastoral zeal, venerable brothers, which you not only proved to Us in the full blast of the recent storm, but which you continue to demonstrate. However, the very gravity of this affair compels Us to exhort you further, since you must steadfastly fight the battles of the Lord with Us. We must make all prudent provision for offsetting the losses already incurred by most holy religion throughout Italy and for guarding against dangers which threaten in the future. 3. These enemies of the Church usually employ a variety of deceits for turning the spirits of the Italian people away from the Catholic faith. For instance, they shamelessly affirm and cry it abroad that the Catholic religion is opposed to the glory, greatness and prosperity of the Italian nation. So they say that Protestantism should be brought in, set up and increased to replace Catholicism. Then Italy could once more acquire its former splendor of ancient, that is, pagan, times. It is hard to decide which is the more hateful aspect of this fiction of theirs--the malice of their raving impiety or the effrontery of their lying wickedness. 4. In fact, there is great spiritual advantage in being transferred from the power of darkness to the light of God, thereby being justified by grace and becoming heirs of Christ in our hope of eternal life. This advantage for souls is, of course, so worthwhile that all the glory and blessedness of this world must be reckoned as nothing in comparison with it. "For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul? Or what exchange will a man make for his soul?"[1] But it is untrue that the temporal losses of the Italian race occurred because they professed the true faith. This race should indeed reckon among the benefits it received from the Catholic religion the fact that at the collapse of the Roman Empire, it did not decline as much as the peoples of Assyria, Chaldaea, Media, Persia and Macedonia did when an alteration of the times ended their dominion. In fact, every wise man knows that Catholicism not only rescued Italy from the darkness of the many errors which were overwhelming it, but that amid the ruins of the ancient empire and the invasion of the barbarians, it raised Italy nonetheless to a glory and a greatness beyond all the other nations of the world. Thus, because Christ placed the holy See of Peter there, Italy exercises a more widespread and more real leadership by its divine religion than it once exercised by its earthly empire. 5. From this exceptional privilege of possessing the Apostolic See and the consequent deep roots which the Catholic religion has put down among the people of Italy, very many other remarkable benefits have accrued. Christianity is the teacher of true wisdom, the defender of mankind, and the fertile mother of all virtues. Thus, it rejects the splendor of the unhappy glory of the Italian people. Their ancestors established that unhappy glory by an unending tumult of wars, by conquering foreigners, and by very harshly imprisoning a great number of men; they could do this since their empire flourished by the law of war. But the religion of Christ enlightened the Italians in truth, justice, and mercy; and consequently they became zealous in outstanding works of piety towards God and in beneficent works towards men. So, in the chief Italian cities, many holy temples and other reminders of Christian times have been erected not by the bloody toil of men groaning in captivity, but sincere and life-giving charity. Pious institutions exist for religious exercises and for the education of the young and the proper study of literature, arts and disciplines. They also exist for relieving the illness and want of the wretched. This then is the divine religion on which, quite simply, the safety, prosperity and glory of Italy depends. Is this the religion which those men call on the Italian people to reject? We cannot restrain Our tears, when We see that some Italians now are so wicked and so wretchedly deceived that they admire the vile teachings of impious men. In fact, they are not afraid to plot with them for this great destruction of Italy. 6. You are aware indeed, that the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this Socialism and Communism, by confusing them with perverted teachings. But these enemies realize that they cannot hope for any agreement with the Catholic Church, which allows neither tampering with truths proposed by faith, nor adding any new human fictions to them. This is why they try to draw the Italian people over to Protestantism, which in their deceit they repeatedly declare to be only another form of the same true religion of Christ, thereby just as pleasing to God. Meanwhile they know full well that the chief principle of the Protestant tenets, i.e., that the holy scriptures are to be understood by the personal judgment of the individual, will greatly assist their impious cause. They are confident that they can first misuse the holy scriptures by wrong interpretation to spread their errors and claim God's authority while doing it. Then they can cause men to call into doubt the common principles of justice and honor. 7. But do not let Italy, which other peoples have used as a paradigm ever since the Holy See was established in Rome, be to them a stone of offense and a rock of scandal in the coming time. Do not let this portion of the Lord's vineyard be given as prey to all the beasts of the field: do not let the Italian people, maddened by draughts from the poisoned goblet of Babylon, take up deadly arms against their mother the Church. 8. By the secret judgment of God, We and you have been detailed to fight this critical danger. We must beware of dreading the deceit and attacks of the men who plot against the faith of Italy, as if they had to be vanquished by our own strength. For our counsel and our bravery is Christ, without Whom we can do nothing but through Whom we can do all things.[2] So, watch zealously over the flock entrusted to you and protect it energetically from the plots and attacks of ravening wolves. Share your counsels with one another; continue to meet with one another so that by sharing the inquiry, you may detect the main causes for the start of these dangerous evils in different districts. Thus you will be able to provide more timely remedies for them under the authority and guidance of this Holy See. In this way, in union with Us you should attempt to nullify every attack, artifice, plot and endeavor of the enemies of the Church. 9. So that all their efforts may be fruitless, sufficiently instruct the laity in Christian doctrine and the law of the Lord. Hopefully, they are not too weakened by long license in manifold and increasing vices to be able to recognize the snares laid for them and also the vileness of the errors proposed to them. So We earnestly require you, in your pastoral care, to ceaselessly ensure that the faithful entrusted to you are carefully taught the holy doctrines and precepts of our religion in accordance with their individual capacity; exhort and inspire them in every way to conform their lives and morals to these norms. For this purpose, inflame the zeal of the Churchmen, who care for these souls. Instruct them to reflect seriously on their ministry, to keep in view the prescripts of the Council of Trent,[3] and to devote great energy to instructing the Christian people, as the state of the times demands. Let them be eager to sow in all hearts the words of God and the precepts of salvation. This they can accomplish by declaring in concise and comprehensible sermons the vices Christians should avoid and the virtues they should practice in order to escape eternal punishment and gain eternal glory. 10. In particular, ensure that the faithful are deeply and thoroughly convinced of the truth of the doctrine that the Catholic faith is necessary for attaining salvation.[4] The Catholic laity and clergy should repeatedly offer special thanks to God in public prayers for the priceless gift of the Catholic religion. They should also beseech God to protect the profession of this faith in our country and to keep it unharmed. 11. Meanwhile, ensure that all the faithful receive from you at the proper time the sacrament of Confirmation; this confers the strength of special grace for the steadfast profession of the Catholic faith in times of trouble. It would also be helpful if the faithful, cleansed of their sins by the sacrament of Penance, devoutly receive more frequently the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist. The Eucharist contains spiritual food and the antidote to free us from daily faults and keep us from mortal sin. Furthermore, it is the symbol of Christ's Church which He hopes will unite us by faith, hope and charity; as the result of this unity, we should all say the same thing and there should be no divisions among us.[5] 12. Indeed, We do not doubt that parish priests and their helpers, and other priests who are usually appointed to the ministry of preaching on particular days, especially in periods of fasting, will earnestly aid your labor in all these affairs. Still their efforts should be supplemented from time to time by the extraordinary measures of spiritual exercises and holy missions. These will nourish the piety of good people and stir sinners to saving penitence, even those who have been depraved for a long time. As a result, the faithful people will grow in the knowledge of God, bear fruit in every good work, and steadfastly abhor the perverted teachings of the Church's enemies. 13. But in all these affairs, one of your aims should be to instill in the faithful a greater aversion for sins which scandalize others; your priests should share this aim. You are aware of the increase in the number of those who sin in a scandalous manner: those who blaspheme the heavenly saints and the holy name of God as well; those who live in concubinage and sometimes in incest; those who openly do servile work on holy days; those who despise in the presence of many the precepts of the Church on fasting and the selection of food; and those who shamelessly commit various other sins in the same way. So, make the faithful consider the seriousness of sins of this kind and the heavy penalties for them, both for the guilt of the sin itself and for the spiritual danger in which they place their brothers by the infection of their bad example. For it is written: "Woe to the world because of scandals . . . Woe to that man by whom the scandal comes!"[6] 14. The crafty enemies of the Church and human society attempt to seduce the people in many ways. One of their chief methods is the misuse of the new technique of book-production. They are wholly absorbed in the ceaseless daily publication and proliferation of impious pamphlets, newspapers and leaflets which are full of lies, calumnies and seduction. Furthermore, under the protection of the Bible Societies which have long since been condemned by this Holy See,[7] they distribute to the faithful under the pretext of religion, the holy bible in vernacular translations. Since these infringe the Church's rules,[8] they are consequently subverted and most daringly twisted to yield a vile meaning. So you realize very well what vigilant and careful efforts you must make to inspire in your faithful people an utter horror of reading these pestilential books. Remind them explicitly with regard to divine scripture that no man, relying on his own wisdom, is able to claim the privilege of rashly twisting the scriptures to his own meaning in opposition to the meaning which holy mother Church holds and has held. It was the Church alone that Christ commissioned to guard the deposit of the faith and to decide the true meaning and interpretation of the divine pronouncements.[9] 15. In order to check the contagion of bad books, it would be useful if your clerics who are renowned for sound doctrine likewise publish short works, to build up the faith to instruct the people. You would, of course, have to approve these before publication. Distribute these works and other useful and doctrinally sound authors among the faithful. 16. All who defend the faith should aim to implant deeply in your faithful people the virtues of piety, veneration, and respect for this supreme See of Peter. Let the faithful recall the fact that Peter, Prince of Apostles is alive here and rules in his successors,[10] and that his office does not fail even in an unworthy heir.[11] Let them recall that Christ the Lord placed the impregnable foundation of his Church on this See of Peter[12] and gave to Peter himself the keys of the kingdom of Heaven.[13] Christ then prayed that his fait would not fail, and commanded Peter to strengthen his brothers in the faith.[14]Consequently the successor of Peter, the Roman Pontiff, holds a primacy over the whole world and is the true Vicar of Christ, head of the whole Church and father and teacher of all Christians.[15] 17. Indeed one simple way to keep men professing Catholic truth is to maintain their communion with and obedience to the Roman Pontiff. For it is impossible for a man ever to reject any portion of the Catholic faith without abandoning the authority of the Roman Church. In this authority, the unalterable teaching office of this faith lives on. It was set up by the divine Redeemer and, consequently, the tradition from the Apostles has always been preserved. So it has been a common characteristic both of the ancient heretics and of the more recent Protestants-- whose disunity in all their other tenets is so great--to attack the authority of the Apostolic See. But never at any time were they able by any artifice or exertion to make this See tolerate even a single one of their errors. For this reason the enemies of God and human society at the present time are making every attempt to tear the Italian people from their allegiance to Us and to this Holy See. They think, no doubt, that then at last, they could have the good fortune of contaminating Italy itself with their impious teaching and the plague of their novel theories. 18. As regards this teaching and these theories, it is now generally known that the special goal of their proponents is to introduce to the people the pernicious fictions of Socialism and Communism by misapplying the terms "liberty" and "equality." The final goal shared by these teachings, whether of Communism or Socialism, even if approached differently, is to excite by continuous disturbances workers and others, especially those of the lower class, whom they have deceived by their lies and deluded by the promise of a happier condition. They are preparing them for plundering, stealing, and usurping first the Church's and then everyone's property. After this they will profane all law, human and divine, to destroy divine worship and to subvert the entire ordering of civil societies. In this critical period for Italy, it is your duty, venerable brothers, to help the faithful realize that if they let themselves be deceived by such perverted doctrines and theories, these theories will cause their temporal and


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