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Eric Trump

The importing of so-called hunting trophies was banned by former President Obama in 2014, but the Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it will allow Americans to bring back elephant and lion trophies. Fish and Wildlife officials began issuing permits for lion trophies on Oct. 20, and had been ready to issue permits for elephant trophies on Friday. The elephant trophy ban will remain, at least for now, as Trump tweeted late Friday the administration would further review the facts.

eric trump

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The Reawaken America conference, organized by Flynn and Thrivetime Show podcast host Clay Clark, was held at Awaken Church in San Marcos as part of a national tour. Other Awaken church locations made headlines during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when the county issued cease-and-desist notices ordering them to stop holding unmasked indoor services.

Every American has the right to not incriminate themselves in court or in a deposition. According to the court documents for New York Attorney General Letitia James' probe of the Trump Organization, Eric Trump spent six hours doing exactly that.

"He didn't grow up a multimillionaire," Buttigieg said. "He didn't have an opportunity to pass himself off as having bone spurs so someone could serve in his place. He didn't set up a home in a giant building in Manhattan with his name on it. He is a product of the American middle class."

"They're trying to deprive him of his greatest asset, which is the fact that the American people love him, the fact that he's relatable, the fact that he can go out there and draw massive crowds," he said. 041b061a72


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