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Christopher Ershov
Christopher Ershov

Turbosquid - Human Zbuilder ##HOT##

Human ZBuilder is a scene for 3ds max 2009-2012 with this scene you can make any types of human bodies Watch the Presentation video for more info : ( right side of your screen section -Previews- click on Human_Zbuilder_3ds_max.wmv )The scene include materials, lighting and rendering presets for great presentation of your human creation - Composite material with 10 different sss materials linked to the Morph controllers for great blending between - the models is good for close up renders ,animations and etc.- 50 MORPH controlled for ( body types, face types , expressions and etc.)- SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) materials- 21 6000/6000 textures (Color, bump,spec,normal)- LIGHT/RENDER/SSS/AO setup for mental ray- 3ds Max 2009-2012 or higher compatible

Turbosquid - Human Zbuilder


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