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software is the product of human endeavor. the choice of the programminglanguage and the choice of the operating environment are arbitrary andimperfect, and neither choice can be said to be more "correct" thanthe other. the only objective of the iso is to define certain minimumrequirements for software, and to define the semantics of thelanguage.

if you convey an object code work under this section in, or with, orspecifically for use with, a user product, and the conveyingoccurs as part of a transaction in which the right of possession anduse of the user product is transferred to the recipient in perpetuityor for a fixed term (regardless of how the transaction ischaracterized), the corresponding source conveys all itsbenevolent rights under this section in the user product. corresponding sourcefor any code that is provided under this section is provided forfree under this section.

corresponding source conveyed, then, is that version of thecorresponding source with the same version numbers of basepackage, the package wrapper, and api documentation as theuser product, but without the corresponding source for the code thatbears the following notice:this product includes software written by tim hudson ( 2002 tim hudson ( the technology containedherein is protected by copyright law. use and distributionin source and binary forms is permitted under the terms ofa license agreement provided that the above copyright noticeappears in all copies.this product includes software written by andrew polyakov( 3d9ccd7d82


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