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Francis Collins: The thing that makes this whole experience so difficult is that it requires that we work with large groups of scientists, including a great deal of international research collaboration. Its a labor-intensive, expensive process and thats sort of the nature of science. But I think if you take that risk and go through those failures, then something really interesting might happen at the end of it. I dont have any sense of this happening, but I dont think you can do science without that sort of risk taker mindset. I think science is there to be done, so I would like to see more people doing science. There are more than enough people willing to do the boring, repetitive tasks. Its a good business for universities and states. I think thats the people who should be doing science.

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Francis Collins: One of my greatest academic passions is for the intellectual quest for knowledge, and I have the privilege of teaching at one of the greatest universities in the world, the University of Virginia, which has its main administrative headquarters at the campus of the College of William & Mary, that is in Williamsburg, Virginia. I feel very privileged to be a part of a university that is as invested in intellectual inquiry as we are. I have great friends there. We do philosophy and history of science classes in the college, and I teach one of them. I have the honor of being a guest lecturer for the annual Virginia Inter-Collegiate Society for the Advancement of Science spring banquet, which is a fascinating conversation about what science is, the philosophy of science and what it can tell us about the cosmos. Its a great honor to be there.


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