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Spy Kids 2: Island Of Lost Dreams

Carmen and Juni manage to reach the island, but realize that none of their gadgets work. After falling into a volcano, the two meet Romero, a scientist and sole human inhabitant of the island who has been attempting to create genetically miniaturized animals to sell to kids as "miniature zoos". After creating hybrid animals, Romero accidentally poured a growth concoction over them, greatly increasing their size. He also reveals that he created the Transmooker device, as a mean of hiding his island from the outside world, meaning that the stolen Transmooker was a prototype and the real one is on the island somewhere. Romero fears being eaten, so is unwilling to leave his lab, but shows Carmen and Juni the way to the real Transmooker. As both Gregorio and Ingrid are tracking where Juni and Carmen are, they are joined by Ingrid's parents who want to help them find their children.

Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams

Just like in the Bond pictures, nothing less than the survival of the world is at stake, but Buscemi plays Romero the scientist as a conflicted character, basically a nice guy who wants to be left alone to tinker with his planet-destroying inventions. The chase to the island involves an undersea journey by the Spy Kids, and, just like in the first movie, pursuit by their worried parents (Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino). The exasperation the kids feel because of their parents' overprotectiveness is mirrored when the grandparents (Montalban and Holland Taylor) come on board the pursuit sub to give unwanted advice to mom and dad Cortez.

Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara) are back in SPY KIDS 2: THE ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS, and they're now full-time operatives of the spy organization OSS and its new kids unit. After a close call involving the President's young daughter and their top competition, the Giggles siblings, Gertie (Emily Osment) and Gary (Matt O'Leary), Carmen and Juni get the chance to prove themselves and save the day once again. At a big party, the Giggles kids' father is mysteriously appointed director of the OSS, all of the adults are knocked out by drugged champagne, and the all-important Transmooker device is stolen. The Giggles kids are assigned to get it back, but the Cortez kids substitute themselves and are off to a mysterious island. On the island, they have to keep ahead of all kinds of strange creatures and the Giggles. A mad scientist (Steve Buscemi) has been using the island for genetic experiments, and he has stolen the Transmooker. The Transmooker turns off anything that works with electricity, so the kids have to solve most of their problems with the two things that do work -- their brains and the last gift from their gadget-master uncle Machete, a rubber band. He tells them that it has "999 uses, and you have to figure out which one to use."

At an OSS dinner event, President Anami names Donnagon as the director of the OSS (though it appears that the teleprompter was hacked). A group of Magna Men storm the event and steal the Transmooker device from the President, though the OSS spy kids try to stop them. Juni gets blamed for losing the device, and is suspended as an agent, though Carmen hacks into the OSS database to reinstate him and give them a new assignment, to investigate a mysterious island near Madagascar.

Something about the appointment doesn't seem right, and when Carmen and Juni unfairly lose a plum assignment to Gary and Gerti, they engage in a bit of hacking so that they can investigate what's going on. Their adventure takes them to a mysterious island. When Gregorio and their mother, Ingrid (Carla Gugino), lose the ability to track the kids' whereabouts, they set out to rescue them -- with Ingrid's mom and dad (Holland Taylor and Ricardo Montalban) in tow.

The island where the kids land has only one human inhabitant, a mad scientist named Romero (Steve Buscemi, in a wonderfully eggheady performance). Romero had the brilliant idea of shrinking animals down to size so children could have their own miniature zoos. But his experiment went awry, and he accidentally created a menagerie of mutant creatures who -- as the result of yet another accident -- grew to be larger than life-size and now roam the island freely, terrorizing intruders.

Carmen manages to hack into the database, and reinstates Juni's level as an agent. She and Juni use some hints from Alexander Minion, and follow the trail to a mysterious island near Madagascar, which is home to Romero, a lunatic scientist. Romero has been attempting to create genetically-miniaturized animals, so he can make a profit by selling the animals to kids in "miniature zoos." He had an experiment go wrong after accidentally pouring growth concoction onto the mutated set of animals, as a result, he is unwilling to leave his lab, out of fear of being eaten. When Carmen is captured by a Spork, a breed of flying pigs, she meets Gerti, who reveals to her that Gary is actually evil. Carmen changes her feelings for Gary after he tries to kill Juni, and she sides with her brother. Meanwhile, Romero finds out that his creatures are much friendlier than he thought. After fighting pirate skeletons (that came alive after Juni stole a necklace from them), Carmen and Juni, along with the help of their family (who came to the island when they heard their kids were missing), Gerti, Romero and his creatures, destroy the Transmooker, and defeat Donnagon and Gary. Afterwards, Gregorio and Donnagon fight each other, as Gregorio put it, "the old-fashioned way."

He uses his son Gary to setup and fire Juni and sends his kids to recover the device from an island near Madagascar. But later, his daughter and the heroes destroy the Transmooker as he and Gregorio get into a fight, which Donnagon briefly wins, before Gregorio steps in and attempts to save Ingrid's parents from being killed by the Transmooker, which suddenly malfunctioned due to Gerti having tampered with it and threatening to tell their mother that "you tried to take over the world again", despite Donnagon's pleas. When the president and his daughter arrive at the island, they fire Donnagon and temporarily disavow Gary. 041b061a72


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