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Free Download En Windows 8 X64 Dvd 915440 Product Key WORK

It is not clear if this change was an attempt to cut down on piracy or rather a simplification of the installation process. I would bet the latter since the same installation media is actually used for both the standard and pro editions of Windows 8. Depending on the product key entered the correct edition is installed. I can imagine there were users of Windows 7 that complained when they installed the wrong edition by mistake which they could not activate with their key and had to re-install windows and all their apps.

free download en windows 8 x64 dvd 915440 product key


An edition of VS, i.e. Visual Studio Express 2012, is available for everyone for free: -us/windows/apps/hh852659. The Express edition is available in 10 languages (well, actually 14): English (international English), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Language packs exist for Czech, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Turkish.

If you have a valid MSDN Subsciption, you can download "en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440.iso" from MSDN Subscriber Downloads. Download this file and burn the ISO image to a DVD or USB stick. Set the BIOS to use UEFI, enable "Secure Boot" and disable "Legacy Support... if these options are present. Boot from this disk and install Windows 8. It should register as an official copy and use the key embedded in the BIOS. Please note that no HP customizations nor HP value-added software will be installed using this method.

When updates are mandatory the OS calls for updates. The update process hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes. Microsoft Windows 8 include all the necessary drivers and application that you needs. Security in the operating system has much important and windows 8 software download has its own built-in security system which protects os from harmful malware and also from data losses. You can Also Download Windows 10.


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