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Teamviewer Sign In Greyed Out

@Vatsilidis Thanks for chipping in. As you can see from the 5th message in this thread, I have done exactly what you suggested here. I did this by following a page on teamviewer website. Only when it didn't work, I decided to post my issue here. So, please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

teamviewer sign in greyed out

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I think the problem is because of @cooldharma 's selecting "accept exclusively" for "Incoming LAN connections" setting. I had the same problem and after I read @Esther 's post saying that TeamViewer is somehow unable to connect to Internet, I changed the setting on my mac from "accept exclusively" to "accept" and now I am able to sign in.

The signin button is grayed out. I have tried everything. Restarting the service, uninstalling, reboot, installing, reboot. I can't sign in at all. They only thing I could find was a post from 7 months ago regarding an older version, and that issue was solved by a reboot. Not so with my issue. Help!

The gray out sign in button my be a resulte from the large about of people trying to login to their accounts. The login servers with the SSL connection that is need to translated to the servers behind them is being pushed to the max. Give it a few mins to reconnect.. think of it this way..

My sign in has been greyed out on this computer for a number of weeks now. My other computer can sign in to my account without any problem. I've tried reinstalling TV on this computer, still no joy. It's certainly not a "too many users" problem.

I haven't used Teamviewer for a few months so updated it to the latest version and i don't seem to be able to login. The Sign in button is greyed out and remains so even after entering by login details I can't login.

Welcome to the Teamviewer forums, a group of Teamviewer users here to help each other. We hope that you can contribute and help support this great tool ! Start with a post in our forums and ask or answer a question. Issues registering? Contact us: teamviewerforum(at)(g)mail(dot)com(NO technical support questions)

HOWEVER!!... on my old Mac which is on the same network it's fine (although as a paid licence holder I'm already up to my licence machine limit!!!!) so I have to login to the remote machine manually as I can't sign in on the old mac (the Sign In box on old mac is in blue and I could).

Disabling this functionality in favor of Easy Access (more on that below) makes sense if you assign the device to an account or group because Easy Access requires a TeamViewer account. You can secure TeamViewer accounts by two-factor authentication and other measures. Taking away the ability for outsiders to guess your personal password adds another layer of security for unattended access.

This approach is more secure than those involving passwords due to one powerful feature: two-factor authentication. Securing your TeamViewer account with two-factor authentication significantly reduces the chances of someone other than you is accessing your device(s). For more on how to enable two-factor authentication at the account level, check out our TeamViewer Community article.

The part that is annoying me about getting this to work is that ive used Chrome Web Connector to connect to my computer at home before, it just stopped working recently, also the school unblocked the website but wont unblock the app so im stuck with the web connector. And by web connector i mean the online team viewer on my chromebook connecting to the teamviewer app on my win 7 machine. I also have unattended access.

I would like to move away from using TeamViewer. LTT was just advertising Pulseway, I thought I would try it out. I installed the Remote Control Desktop client (6.6.3) and the Dashboard client (6.5.1), and proceeded to set up an organization, group, site, and policy. Then I downloaded the "Agent" client to the desktop I would like to be able to remote into. I installed, registered my product, assigned it to my group, and checked the "Enable Remote Control" box.

So after a bit of banging my head on the desk over WHY my remote access was greyed out, I stumbled on this. The entire reason for downloading and trying this was to hopefully replace another remote app we are currently using. So how can I make sure this works before I commit to buying it? How do ti get my remote desktop feature activated for the trial?

I have no policies. I'm keeping it simple, I desperately want to see if remote control works the way I need it to in order to switch over to this product from another I am using. The remote control option remains greyed out.

I have shared the design that Microsoft shared to have three tiers of remoter helper operator permissions. The Intune or MEM admin can set permissions in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center to limit the sessions to have:

I like the granularity of the RBAC controls that you will have in place with the new remote help tool in Intune MEM admin center portal. There are three tiers of permissions that Microsoft designed as out of the box. You will have options to create custom RBAC roles for remote help solutions. 350c69d7ab


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